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michaelazink - Michael Zink 1 month ago

Your food was always an inspiration. Get great ingredients, don’t fuck them up. Technique and patience. Thanks JW, a whole generation are better cooks from seeing that message.

andyyeager - andyyeager 1 month ago

One of our all time faves, drinking Rosé at the bar and enjoying the fresh air. Congrats chef, you will be missed!

dhmeyer - Danny Meyer 1 month ago

Barbuto has been an essential restaurant. You and your team set the stage for so many uplifting life memories for so many of us. And it didn’t just happen. You did it.

brzlnut - brzlnut 4 weeks ago

Nooo I’ve wanted to go there forever and hadn’t made it yet 💔

uwsstory - Upper West Side Story 4 weeks ago

Simply the best restaurant in NYC. The layout, the doors, the vibe, the chicken 💯. I look forward to next reincarnation but of course it won’t be the same, end of an era. Congrats on a great run at that location, coming in for one last meal soon. - Judy Kim | NYC 4 weeks ago

Thank you for so many good memories ! And for the chicken. And those potatoes. Oh and the carbonara. 🙏