allyberrii - al 🎄 1 week ago

If you don’t love him, please leave him. It’s not healthy to be in a relationship with someone you don’t love

i.hzbz - Chiara 1 week ago

okay i understand people are bi but if you're with someone of one gender and still interested in the other, and still stick with the person, you're not being faithful. just leave him. I'm straight but I refuse to look at anyone other than my s.o. If I was bi in my case, checking out girls wouldn't be faithful either

cherrygiannaa - gianna 🌹 1 week ago

Break up with him, stop leading him on. He’s going to regret being lead on while you like someone at the same time.

t.jay_toleafoa - Tilo 1 week ago

Bro break up with him you can’t be leading him on like that it just ain’t right. You may not wanna hurt him, but it’s gonna happen either way, best to do it now then later.

ivaxstanicic - Iva 🖤 1 week ago

Yeah um his ex left him for the same reason you (will) and he moved on right? And if you don't feel anything special towards him maybe you should really leave because it's gonna happen either way (a lot of grammar mistakes ik)

ssspacepunan - 1 week ago

Lols. Leave him. If you even consider leaving him for someone else then you obviously dont love him to the full extent. End jt before it gets worse

kaidnl - kjlyn 1 week ago

dont be lyin sis and just tell him 'nd go before it gets worse and awkward