jasimgz - 1 week ago

Is he the marketing genius or are the followers just idiots? Think about it lol

george_perdikis - George Perdikis 1 week ago

He doesn't have good looks, rich parents or any talent and is the most trending artist in hip hop right now. This man is 100% a marketing genius.

zupvic - 1 week ago

Don’t forget he is going to prison for life.... yep! the man is a genius!!! 🙌😩🤣

namanchop - Naman 🌓 1 week ago

He's a sexual predator - no wealth is worth having when it means being the kind of monster he is to earn it...

luevette - 🦋 🇨🇦 1 week ago

He’s literally the Eminem of this generation when it comes to marketing. Causes so much drama that everyone who hates him talks about him, “this 6ix9ine guy is annoying af and his music trash” then 10 people look him up, out of the 10 say 3 become fans then the other 7 are “haters” but actually marketing machines who do the same exact thing the first hater did. 7x10 = 70 new people just like that and the cycle went on since November last year next thing you know he always gets 10+ million views in the first 12 hours on YouTube alone & $100K+ for a show in less than a year. If that’s not marketing genius idk what is. Kardashians used this exact tactic and look at them now

kylerbarnes - Kyler Barnes 1 week ago

He is a marketing genius. Because of his outrageous, dont give a f% # mentality. But , like the Kardashians. We need to stop making stupid people famous. Haha 💙

rogog - Rohit Gogna 1 week ago

The word genius really has zero weight these day with posts like these. Preserve these words, so they hold meaning.

gohardteezy - 1 week ago

Nah, just a fool willing to do anything for fame. He marketed himself to the feds pretty well too. Catch 22.

alexisviking - Alexis Nicole Flores 1 week ago

He just uses the type of marketing everyone is using nowadays. Maximizing SHOCK VALUE, igniting fear and anger amongst the masses for FREE PUBLICITY. If the majority werent so brain dead, people like this would not be given the attention.

iamshaymoore - Shay 1 week ago

He’s a smart marketing genius that made stupid decisions in his personal life!