coffee_and_s.e.x - 1 week ago

These are rich people too broke for that. ...I don't give a fuck if I like or respect you, to work with you. ONLY concern is that check is never late & what am owed ain't missing

enlightninrecords - Enlightnin Records 1 week ago

I completely agree with the 1st one! When i hear peoples sayings like "dont get high on ur own supply" im like... maybe not much but if u dnt enjoy what u sell then don't. 2nd i partly agree, respect yes, admire might be elevating many employers to a standard they haven't reached yet and might not even want.. however if u admire ur employer it will certainly elevate ur morale in the work place, people should look for that. And the 3rd one is imp... 🤔 w8 4 it... ossible!!! 😂😂😂 like ur gonna enjoy 100% of the people in the workplace... maybe in a mom n pops spot... otherwise.. dont even try there's always someone... ✌