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priyanka.kasture - Priyanka 5 months ago

Why is it that the administrator of this account rarely replies to the comments? As an influencer, this is the last thing one should do. :/

artisunknown - Ashley W. 5 months ago

That 3rd one I feel applies to CEOs and investors. When in the work place, if you don't own the business you have no choice. But you do have a choice on how you project your self which, in turn will be a matter of what energy you put in -> that's what energy you will get out.

priyajaiswal3848 - Priya Jaiswal 5 months ago

But firstly l wanna ruler scale to measure length of your rules so as to know the exact length of rules to get applied on practical life

_jkelly_._ - jKelly 5 months ago

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putri_sptnti - putri 5 months ago

Saya resign dr krjaan krna gag enjoy sm org2nya. Dan hingga skrg jd pengangguran udh 5 bulan gag dapat2 krja lg