metanoiatrajectory - Metanoia Trajectory 3 days ago

Don’t forget about having a budget and knowing where your money stands. It’s okay to buy the things we want; it’s just important to have a plan set in place that allows for it and tells you how how much you have for it. It’s all about finding that balance between living life to the fullest now and maintaining a strong trajectory of growth. It IS possible!!! 💯🙌🔥🤑 #metanoiatrajectory

chrisis2free - Christopher 3 days ago

I personally love the 30 day rule. One time I was debating over this game that costed $60 and I did in fact have $60 on me. However, I thought about it for 30 days and I'm relieved that I didn't go for the purchase.

ajlrealtynetwork - Andrew J. Little 3 days ago

This is a good rule to follow. Ultimately there needs to be a mind shift about all purchases if you are consciously trying to spend less. We are programmed to consume!

letitiif - Atif Hamza 3 days ago

Good one , the second one will definitely make you forget about buying that item , and always , never go broke trying to look rich .