miamiesq - Ricky Patel, Esq. 1 week ago

This is the shit that makes people go broke thinking they should risk it all because some meme that doesn’t give the full story.

ericsrf - 1 week ago

Elon musk It's a fraud, it's just a big liar. The greatest intelligence of him is to deceive all humanity

newsouthalumni - TREY JORDAN 1 week ago

Why do people think this is true?? This is the single dumbest thing that has circulated the “entrepreneur” culture in social media

richard_mallett - Not Your Average Savage 1 week ago

I’m not a hater, Elon is trying to help humanity, but seriously: SpaceX is not good. Sending some people to space doesn’t help anyone. Every time he launches one of these missiles, he’s putting hella carbon in the air with the rocket fuel but then he has Tesla to fight carbon in the air. Space ain’t gonna help a single soul on this planet, all that will happen is people will die, if you do get to mars those people will go crazy, and it will cost hella fuckin money. He should have went all in with Tesla and said fuck space. It ain’t gonna do shit for us.

webbie723 - Steve 1 week ago

2.3 Billion in US Government loans and funding. Electric vehicles are not exactly taken off as he claimed they would. The question is since he’s been thrown of the board at Testla how long before he claims bankruptcy. I know build another version of the flame thrower gun because that something CA could use right now. Another waste of money on that item.