Love triangle (part 2) cc: me #riverdale #veggie @intimatedits intimatedits fia - fanpage

  • fia - fanpage Love triangle (part 2)
cc: me
#riverdale #veggie


    3 months ago
  • Love triangle (part 2) cc: me #riverdale #veggie intimatedits

    Love triangle (part 2)
    cc: me
    #riverdale #veggie

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matilja_3112 - Lilja Gohlisch 3 months ago

The intro scene did break my heart but I was also so excited for Veggie and the much higher possibility of Barchie. The Varchie reunion one episode later just didn't make any sense. :(

emo_mf_vivian - Vivian Rodriguez 2 months ago

Y’all veggie ain’t endgame!!! Did Veronica break Reggie out of jail? Did Veronica chose Reggie over her own father? Did Reggie nearly die for Veronica to lock up her father? When Veronica felt unsafe because of the black hoods did she call Reggie? No. It was always Archie and only Archie. Varchie is endgame. Varchie>veggie

kianagibsonnn - kiana Lol 2 months ago

Y’all don’t understand she said that’s what is said not that’s what she wAnts .. VARCHIE is endgame