❤️❤️ 10 years ago like today I got my first message from him 😊😊😊 @eliasbakhazi - #GuirlandeDeCartier @Cartier Check out @margoandme and Follow the @cartier chain ❤️ @karenwazenb karenwazenb Karen Wazen Bakhazi

tracyharmoush - Tracy Harmoush 1 week ago

And it went something like this: From: Tracy cc: Karen To: Luch Hey Luch, Meet my friend karen, she’s looking for a job here in Dubai, told her you’d be able to help.... From: Karen cc: Tracy To: Luch Dear Mr. Bakhazi, Hope this email finds you well. Please find attached my resume.... From: Tracy To: Karen, Luch Hahahahahaha. Mr. Bakhazi hahahahah. From: Luch To: Karen cc: Tracy Dear Ms. Wazen, Not sure why you’re being so formal. hahahaha.