We will come Back Stronger! ❤️❤️ @msdhoni.fc msdhoni.fc MS Dhoni / Mahi7781

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iqranaaz6919 - Iqra ilyas 2 weeks ago

Yess of course....... Chale kaise bhi khele csk k..... Mrte dm. Tk csk k sth the , hai or rahege...cskian the hai or cskian hi rahege

manishbhati075 - Manish Bhati 2 weeks ago

Cutieee baby ziva don't be sad our cheeni will come back in final and we will win again. We are cskian and we will be always with cheenai if cheenai win or loss we are true csk fan 👊👊👊👊

usmaan_v24 - Usmaan Vayani 2 weeks ago

Ziva dnt wry ur father Is A Lion jab sher Do kadam piche leta hai to darr ke nahin jhappatta marne ke liye we definitely win Final inshaallah 💕🤗