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_asap__dom - 1 week ago

It’s sad to see puppy mills like this that people think are amazing:(

worthingtj - Tom Worthing 1 week ago

These babies, are clearly distressed, you are scareing the shit out of them, loose the bucket, it's cruel.🤢🤢🤢

yasamin_nari - Yas 1 week ago

Why are you putting them in the basket!!!! They are clearly scared and uncomfortable!!!

el_aimar - E' Ama 1 week ago

Wtf why you putting these poor puppies in a small basket can't you see they are NOT liking it!!!!!!!😡 Your not a real animal lover !!!!

torianne77 - Vikki van sooy 1 week ago

K. I may regret this, and it’s not like she needs any help defending herself but I hate the harsh judgements from people who clearly don’t follow her. There’s huge area for the adult dogs (she doesn’t ship them off to the pound) and basically all she does most days is love on and tend to both dogs and puppies. And for those who think breeders should not exist at all, not gonna happen. I think we’d all like to clear the shelters but since we don’t, id sure want to use a breeder I’ve seen caring great for her puppies than someone unknown. Oh and lastly, they’re in the bucket for staging a picture like people do with animals and babies alike. She doesn’t actually house them in there... all done!

hushedrp - 1 week ago

I don’t think the bucket is nice, but cute pups