She was life itself, Wild and free. Wonderfully chaotic, a perfectly put together mess. 📸 @mishanw @paulakalini paulakalini PaulaKalini💋

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b_.lnt - Bülent Bülent 1 week ago

Very very beatiful and sympathetic Princess.I think you're always worthy of the best and the most beautiful.with you, the world is as beautiful as heaven...I'd be surprised and amazed if God had brought a beautiful and sympathetic lady like you in front of me as a reward in heaven. but for me, a greater miracle has happened, and God has brought you to my face in this world we live in. and I thank God for that. you are a blessing from God to me.I built my heart with high walls,my Beloved. and in my heart there is a rose garden for you. in the middle of my heart is flowing from the river of heaven and The enjoyment of love is subtracted.