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3pointprep - 3 Point Prep 5 months ago

It’s definitely a balance too. It’s important to network with your peers. Referral sources are KEY!

3pointprep - 3 Point Prep 5 months ago

Be sure to hang out with people who are complementing and elevating the platform you’re establishing.

mccloudjor - Jordan McCloud 5 months ago

Here’s my thing to the people saying that people go party, go to clubs, turn up and say that they’re “networking”. How are you necessarily “networking” in an event like that? How are you providing attention grabbing value with all that going on? Why can’t you truly test your “social skills” or “network” in a one on one meeting? Or a meeting at starbucks or at a one on one lunch setting somewhere nice and calm? That to me sounds more like networking and testing your social skills. I believe you should have a balanced life but guys please stop bs’ing and saying you’re going to clubs and parties to network because you’re not. You MIGHT connect with someone on a minuscule level but that’s not your only and true motive going into those activities.

eriinrod - Erin 5 months ago

Nothing wrong w going out but Problem is that people think their early 20s are ALL about having fun but there’s time for all that later! it’s really all about grinding now so you can have fun later

bsin03 - Brian Sinyard 5 months ago

What’s true for you isn’t necessarily what’s true for someone else. They’re not wrong because they choose those things and you’re not necessarily right because you don’t. We don’t all share the same goals in life. #thispostisnarrow