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mrjustinlking - Justin King 1 week ago

This is wanting you to say β€œhang out with the rich guy” although one million cash is the most reasonable . It’s almost the most β€œfor sure” thing. Just because you learn from someone doesn’t mean you can do what they do, doesn’t mean you will end up as successful. You have a chance but that’s not β€œa for sure”

lukaspasaric - Lukas Pasaric 1 week ago

Hang out with the richest person bcs I think that after 1 year of hanging out with this person I will be able to do what ever I want..

realfrankyv - Franky 🌹 1 week ago

Anyone who chooses quick gains is bound to lose the reward in a short amount of time. I’d gladly spend a year with Bezos to learn how to build a trillion dollar empire.

boubah360 - Boubah 1 week ago

The best approach would’ve been to hang out with the richest person. But due to the amount of knowledge I have now, I am going with the million and then follow Buffet and Bogle in terms of investing. I think I will thrive.

king_ljma11 - Lordwin J.M. Anim 1 week ago

Ofc if hangout with the richest - teaching me to fish is way more beneficial than just giving me fish. And besides, hanging out with the richest person on the planet will teach you way more things than just making money - Abdella Ahmed 1 week ago

Been reading most of the comments and their replies 🀣.. so my choice is the 50% 100 mill all day... I will not regret if I don't get it but if I do... Then

vlippolis - Vito L 1 week ago

Let's see a million wont last, hang out with a rich person is going to be hard to imitate and learn, 50% 50% chance... travel a lifetime...I can meet cool people, understand other cultures and probably get great ideas so I can make my own million dollars... I take travel any time.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ•ΊπŸ•Ί