Great Few Days with the Fellas @topp33 @devsmith6_ @brandonknight @da_future3 @t.warren12 @suns We All Got Better‼️‼️‼️ Off to LA‼️ #dr1ventraining #suns #nba #vegas #work #comebacks @tylerrelph10 tylerrelph10 Tyler Relph

j.e.d91 - James. 8 months ago

Topp is a champ bro. Put me in the game, this is s dope pic man 🤙🏾

theejoeyperry - theejoeyperry 8 months ago

hey man I wanna go to the NBA when I get out of high school I am currently 14 years old and just got into basket ball last summer. I've been doing it all practicing 5-8 hours a day I know you probably won't see this as you have plenty of other people texting your dms but I would much appreciate tips and drills you can send in a video to me that would be of great help as I have seen the crazy transformations of early yeared NBA players into amazing players any help would be welcome and thank you for your time.